New Bills

Recently, the house passed two new bills that protect those who are non-citizens of the United Sates. The first bill is to protect individuals from being discriminated due to their religion, also known as the No Ban Act. Meaning, if a person was being banned from entry into the US, the government would require specific evidence as to why this ban was necessary against this individual.

New Asylum Proposals

The asylum system has always been an ongoing issue but in recent years has been an issue that many have tried to resolve. People who come the United States seeking asylum want safety and place they can call home; the last thing they want is to feel insecure and unsafe in a country where they arrived.

The First 100 Days with Biden

When Biden came into office it was a great relief for many immigrants who were detained at the borders. When ICE finally began releasing individuals, it made a commitment to only focus on keeping those who had a criminal record and who were a possible threat to the United States.

Tackling Immigration

Beginning Biden’s office takeover, he has spoken about tackling the root of the reasoning behind why many immigrants migrate to the United States illegally. He has spoken about possible finding a solution or a reform in which could benefit those who are in the states undocumented while also keeping the United States safe for all.

New Coordinator’s at the border

Recently, the US Mexico border has encountered several migrant children arriving unaccompanied at the border. Just last month in March 19,000 children were arrived at the border alone. This issue has raised a lot of concern and CBP wants to bring new staff to help these children feel welcomed.

Ice Custody and Covid19

Many question how many deaths have occurred in the hands of detention centers during these tough times. According to an article posted by Immigration Impact, “Martin Vargas Arellano was released to a hospital on March 5. ICE did not notify his family or attorney.

What is not told about the Border

Former president Trump was deporting many children and families without giving them the opportunity to seek protection in the United States. Families arriving from Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador were simply turned back to their countries, this too was happening to unaccompanied children.