Immigration Calls

Has anyone ever thought about why many families have been separated and are unable to reunite when they are initially detained by ICE. Well perhaps it is due to the fact that individuals who are detained are not allowed to have any calls or communication with the outside world.

Immigration on Netflix

Recently, Netflix has released a docuseries that shows an insight into the world of immigration. This docuseries allows its viewers to take a look at what it looks like and what families face when ICE separates families. It shows the approach that ICE takes when they are removing families from the United States and how this process affects many families and children.

Building the Wall

Since Trump came into office, he has loudly spoken about building a wall to prevent more immigrants from entering the United States. However, since coming to office he has raised a total of $250,000 from Americans who have donated to the “We Build the Wall” campaign.


In a recent article published by Immigration Impact, birthright citizenship was talked about and it was apparently an issue president Trump touched back in 2011. At that time Kamala Harris was running for vice president and apparently she was ineligible because she was not a “natural born citizen”. However the fourteenth amendment states to give birthright citizenship to people born or naturalized in the United States.

Asylees in Distress

For the past several months, individuals who have been seeking asylum in the United States have been turned away because of the new regulations that the Trump administration has set. According to an article published by Immigration Impact, “Asylum seekers got a major win in a lawsuit challenging the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) illegal policy of turning back asylum seekers at ports of entry”. We can say finally , DHS has decided to allow asylees to seek for help again in the U.S. Trump initially used the pandemic as an excuse to close down the borders there no individual was allowed to seek asylum.


With the recent changes that trump has spoken about to not count immigrants has caused a major outburst. Many individuals living in the US are not legal in the country, knowing that individuals will come to your door and you will have to disclaim whether you are legal or illegal makes many families and communities feel unsteady.


The Trump administration has finally ruled that new recipients for DACA will not be accepted. This puts many teens and young adults in a vulnerable situation because they are blocked from protection. As mentioned in previous articles, many of these immigrant children migrate to the United States a young age, therefore, should have the same rights as an American.

Farmworkers during Covid-19

The entire United States is going through a difficult time during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have needs and have to work even through this crisis because it is a necessity. According to Immigration Impact, “the dangers to America’s farmworkers—primarily immigrant men from Mexico with temporary H-2A visas—have long persisted under a system that is ripe for abuse.


Many children who come at a very young age to the United States should be entitled to receive benefits just like the US citizen children; they’ve lived there entire lives here they should have some sort of protection. The Trump Administration has tried to stump new applications from being accepted and it has caused a major issue to those who are trying to apply for the first time for the deferred action.

Safe Country

The United States has always been known for being a safe place for many people around the world to come into feeling protected. In a recent article published by Immigration Impact, “A Canadian court has ruled that the United States is no longer a country to which the Canadian government could safely return asylum seekers who crossed the U.S-Canada land border.” Canada asks that any Canadian that enters the US be sent back to the country; this will occur until January 2021.