Farmworkers during Covid-19

The entire United States is going through a difficult time during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have needs and have to work even through this crisis because it is a necessity. According to Immigration Impact, “the dangers to America’s farmworkers—primarily immigrant men from Mexico with temporary H-2A visas—have long persisted under a system that is ripe for abuse. But those risks have only grown since the coronavirus pandemic erupted in the United States this March”. It is said that farmworkers are twice as likely to catch Covid-19 than any other individuals. Field employers are not taking the proper precaution to keep their workers safe nor do they provide them with the proper work environment.

The Trump administration considered farmworkers essential, therefore they should be protected against the dangerous in the workplace. Given the low affordable housing in the field; makes the situation worse, many farmworkers have at least five family members living under the same roof. Hence, the chances of contracting the virus is at higher risk.

Recently, the Trump administration has excluded undocumented individuals from receiving any aid for Covid-19. This puts many of the farmworkers and their families in a helpless situation. The United States needs to consider these individuals and take into account their families and the vulnerable situation they are in.

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