Corona Virus impacts Immigration

Covid-19 has caused a lot of stain on many individuals and especially on immigrants attempting to make it over to the US. According to Fox News, “More than 88,000 immigrants trying to enter the U.S. illegally have been turned back since a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) emergency health order in response to the corona virus that allows for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers to be quickly removed from the U.S".

Trump has ordered that even those who are seeking asylum from their countries be turned back.

Immigration Halt

The trump administration is looking for ways to halt the immigration and even to prevent legal immigration from happening. This issue has been going on since Trump came into office and sadly many of his propositions have gone into effect. The States is going through a difficult time right now with Covid-19 and Trump only makes things worse and harder for individuals who are seeking for a better life to make that happen.

Census Executive Order

Every 10 years the United States provides us with a census which keeps track of all individuals who live in the US. However, recently he issued a plan that states that the next census, undocumented immigrants will not be included but rather excluded.

Reinstate DACA

DACA has been a controversy since DHS has halted the program. DACA has been utilized by many undocumented individuals who were brought to the states since they were children from deportation. Since Trump came into office, it all changed, he has since stopped new applicants from being able to apply for this program.

Citizens Academy

The Trump Administration has caused a major strain on the public but more on the immigrants that have been living in the US. The immigration system has gone under many attacks and many individuals have been affected. Now, the administration has released that they will begin a “Citizens Academy”.

According to Immigration Impact, Citizens Academy will be directed by ICE, in which they will hold the right to detain and deport people who are not legally here.

The Impact on USCIS from Covid-19

Recently, we have noticed many changes and many delays in our everyday lives due to the pandemic Covid-19. But exactly how much has this pandemic affected people with immigration cases. In March 2020, United States announced the shelter in place order for everyone which meant many stores, restaurants including immigration services would be closed in which created a major delay in many individuals’ cases.

The Issue with Asylum and COVID19

In the past few years, the Trump Administrations has made a number of changes to the immigration system. He has put a halt on immigration and practically banned everyone and anyone who is wanting to enter the country. So what has happened to those who are seeking asylum, running away from danger in their country? Well, looks like Trump has now issued a new rule in order to stop asylum seekers from entering the US.

In an article published by Immigration Impact, Trump labeled asylees as a “National Security Threat”. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.