Citizens Academy

The Trump Administration has caused a major strain on the public but more on the immigrants that have been living in the US. The immigration system has gone under many attacks and many individuals have been affected. Now, the administration has released that they will begin a “Citizens Academy”.

According to Immigration Impact, Citizens Academy will be directed by ICE, in which they will hold the right to detain and deport people who are not legally here. This has caused a major outrage and is subject to ban this academy from funding. “The program is targeted toward stakeholders, including religious leaders, community-based organizations, and local, state, and federal public officials. ICE’s Enforcement & Removal Operations (ERO) unit will run the program”.

The administration needs to realize there are bigger issues that are targeting our country other than immigration. It is sad to realize that if Citizens Academy passes, the public along with communities will become the targets of this fiasco

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