Top Reasons to Obtain a USCIS Online Account

One of the primary advantages of having a USCIS online account is the ability to file forms online and monitor your case's progress conveniently, regardless of your location. The initial step involves creating an account.

If you are collaborating with an attorney or representative, they can also establish their own account to oversee your case.

Eligible Ukrainians Now Eligible to Apply for Re-Parole

Commencing February 27, 2024, Ukrainian citizens and their immediate family members meeting the eligibility criteria and currently present in the United States can apply for re-parole, allowing them to continue their temporary stay in the country. This process is applicable to Ukrainian citizens and their immediate family members who were initially paroled into the United States on or after February 11, 2022. Applications for re-parole will be considered on a discretionary, case-by-case basis, taking into account urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit.

Refugee and Asylum Protections

Refugee status or asylum may be conferred upon individuals who have experienced persecution or have a well-founded fear of persecution based on factors such as race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Refugees: Refugee status serves as a protective measure extended to individuals meeting the refugee definition, deemed to be of significant humanitarian concern to the United States.

USCIS Extends Fee Exemptions and Accelerated Processing for Afghan Nationals

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced the extension and expansion of previously declared filing fee exemptions and expedited application processing for specific Afghan nationals. These measures aim to facilitate the resettlement of Afghan nationals and, in many instances, enable family reunification in the United States by expediting the processing of their requests for employment authorization, Employment Authorization Documents (EADs), long-term status, immediate relatives' status, and related services.