Migrant Child Trafficking News

A recent investigation has revealed significant failures on the part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services concerning the safety of unaccompanied migrant children who enter the borders of the United States. The Office of Refugee Resettlement, which belongs to HHS and is responsible for these children, has faced criticism for poorly vetting sponsors and failing to follow up on safety checks.

Mike Johnson’s Claims on Undocumented Migrants Voting

Representative Mike Johnson recently claimed that Democrats are pushing for undocumented migrants to have a say in U.S. elections. In fact, highly politicized and controversial debates—those that stand as representative of the greater partisan divide on immigration policy—have been insisted in his case: The integrity of the electoral system would be at stake, while illegal immigration would be incentivized.

Immigration Surge Bolsters Economy of U.S.

An immigration surge to the United States has had immense effects on the economy, walking out with bumps in job growth and output. Largely from the easing of pandemic-related travel restrictions, the influx has added millions to the labor force. In this regard, the Congressional Budget Office estimated an additional 5.2 million persons to participate in the labor market in 2033, largely due to a boost in net immigration.

House Approves Voter Eligibility Bill

The House of Representatives has just approved a new bill of voter eligibility in an effort to protect the integrity of the electoral process. A bill seeking to standardize voter registration procedures across all states and tightening verification measures to ensure that only citizens get registered for voting garnered bipartisan support.

Alejandro Mayorkas: A Comprehensive Profile

With a rich background, Alejandro Mayorkas fills the position of Secretary of Homeland Security under President Joe Biden. Born in Havana, Cuba, and immigrated to the United States in his infancy, Mayorkas has done wonders in climbing up through a succession of legal and federal positions to spearhead major immigration reforms.