Credible Fear Interviews

​Families who arrived to the US border seeking protection were automatically put in expedited removal. But now, the Biden Administration is allowing families who arrive at the border seeking protection a chance to explain to officers why they fear to return back to their home countries.

ICE Deports US Citizens

Between 2015-2020 it has been known that ICE has deported 674 potential US citizens back to their countries by mistake. It is proven that ICE nor border customs have an exact number as to how many individuals that are citizens have been mistakenly been sent back to their countries.

Military and Deportation

Many immigrants who served in the US military may have a second chance of reentering the country according to a new immigration announcement by Biden. Though the exact number of immigrant veterans is unknown, since deportation began between 2013-2018, the Biden administration wants to bring back those who were unjustly removed from the United States.

ICE Will No Longer Arrest Pregnant Women

July 9th marks the day that USCIS announced they would not longer arrest women who were pregnant nursing or postpartum. This is important to understand because USCIS was currently detaining women in these conditions; conditions like the ones in detention centers could be extremely crucial for women who are delicate or have health issues.

Memory of An Asylum Seeker

In a recent article posted by Immigration Impact, describes how essential it is for asylum seekers to remember every detail of the harm and or torture they endured in their home country. “Due to unprecedented backlogs in immigration court and the Asylum office, U.S. officials ask asylum seekers to describe details about the harms they suffered in their home countries years after they occurred.

Relief for Asylum Seekers

Recently the Biden Administration announced that asylum seekers who were deported back to their countries under Trump Administration would be admitted into the United States to proceed with their proceedings. This means that all those who were deported back to Mexico, will now have a second chance to seek help in the United States.


DACA gave hope to many people who have been brought to this country at a very young age. Though it has brought hope there is also still a lot of uncertainty. DACA was first introduced back in 2012, and was created to give individuals opportunities and make them feel like they belonged and deserved the same privileges as those who are citizens of the United States.


June 11th marked the day that the funds the Trump Administration were going to use to build the border wall would be used for safety and environmental issues. According to a recent article posted by Immigration Impact, “On his first day in office, President Biden ended the national emergency and paused construction on the border wall.

Immigration Collects DNA

It is unclear why DHS has found it insufficient for them to simply collect fingerprints and general background check to immigrants who are detained. According to a recent article posted by Immigration Impact, “Proponents of the program argue it can help investigate crimes and reveal the immigration history of people who misrepresent their identity at the border.

Funding For Immigration

President Briden has recently released his goals and budget proposals, which are a major step for a President who has recently came into office. Typically, this step reflects how a president prepares for a future plan. Part of Biden proposal, enforces to cut the funding for the border wall and encourages more be put towards DHS, ICE and CBP. Though it seems only fair the immigration system get funded more, many are concerned about all the money being given to ICE since many have been released under Biden’s administration.