Backlogs with USCIS

The immigration system has had many issues but since president Biden came into office he has tried to reverse many of the policies that were implemented by Trump administration. Though he has been able to reverse some already USCIS remains highly backlogged with many cases.

Immigration with Biden

The pandemic has affected many people around the world in the immigration area. Many bans were set by the Trump administration since the pandemic began, but now with Biden things don’t seem to look up for the better. With all the bans from people entering the country has noticed a rise with deportation.

Biden’s Progress Reversed

Once Biden took over office, everyone thought things would look up. Border apprehension began to rise over the summer even after endless promises from the Biden Administration. Though Biden did make immigration changes, like reverse polices and restore a better asylum there continues to be many cracks in the system that are affecting several immigrants and families.

Immigration Policy Changes

In the last year since the new Biden Administration took over office, there have been many changes in the immigration system. Many for the better and many that were very discriminatory. Many in which include, according to Immigration Impact, the following;

Repealed Trump’s discriminatory ban on the entry into the United States of people from several Muslim-majority or African countries on January 20.
Revoked the Trump administration’s requirement that all applications for visas (and for the U.S. refugee program) be subject to “extreme vetting” on February 4. This requirement had subjected many visa applicants to invasive and unnecessary additional screening that is partly responsible for growing processing delays.

Young Adults at Risk of Deportation

In the last year, 2020 there have been over 100,000 children who have aged out from parental eligibility to apply for their green cards. According to a recent article posted by Immigration Impact, “They are known as Documented Dreamers, and when these young adults turn 21, they “age out” of their previous lawful status, which was tied to their parents’ visas.

Credible Fear Interviews

​Families who arrived to the US border seeking protection were automatically put in expedited removal. But now, the Biden Administration is allowing families who arrive at the border seeking protection a chance to explain to officers why they fear to return back to their home countries.

ICE Deports US Citizens

Between 2015-2020 it has been known that ICE has deported 674 potential US citizens back to their countries by mistake. It is proven that ICE nor border customs have an exact number as to how many individuals that are citizens have been mistakenly been sent back to their countries.

Military and Deportation

Many immigrants who served in the US military may have a second chance of reentering the country according to a new immigration announcement by Biden. Though the exact number of immigrant veterans is unknown, since deportation began between 2013-2018, the Biden administration wants to bring back those who were unjustly removed from the United States.

ICE Will No Longer Arrest Pregnant Women

July 9th marks the day that USCIS announced they would not longer arrest women who were pregnant nursing or postpartum. This is important to understand because USCIS was currently detaining women in these conditions; conditions like the ones in detention centers could be extremely crucial for women who are delicate or have health issues.

Memory of An Asylum Seeker

In a recent article posted by Immigration Impact, describes how essential it is for asylum seekers to remember every detail of the harm and or torture they endured in their home country. “Due to unprecedented backlogs in immigration court and the Asylum office, U.S. officials ask asylum seekers to describe details about the harms they suffered in their home countries years after they occurred.