Supreme Court Rejects Two Rules that Protect Immigrants

In less than two weeks, the Supreme Court has denied two different decisions that would protect immigrants. This came to a surprise since the court is divided almost evenly between liberals and conservatives. The first, is that any person who is deported back to their country and reenters illegally can be of felony illegal entry unless they are able to meet certain requirements.

TPS For Haitians

Recently, the Biden Administration announced that Haitians who are currently living in the United States are now eligible to reapply Temporary Protection Status also commonly known as “TPS”. Haitians who are eligible for TPS will be able to stay in the United States for a period of 18 months and allow them to work and stay in the country legally.

Covid-19 and Detention Centers

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was known that the conditions in detention centers were not the best. Immigrants were still kept crammed in small rooms and were left exposed to the virus and lacked testing. Recently in an article posted by Immigration Impact, .”US. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) mishandled the coronavirus outbreak in detention centers so badly that it not only lead to horrific conditions and deaths among people in its custody, it is also responsible for the spread of COVID-19 in surrounding areas”. When individuals from detention centers were being transferred into different detention centers the transmission of covid-19 from one state to anther began to spread rapidly.

USCIS and Backlogs

The immigration system has had many issues but since president Biden came into office he has tried to reverse many of the policies that were implemented by Trump administration. Though he has been able to reverse some already USCIS remains highly backlogged with many cases.

New Bills

Recently, the house passed two new bills that protect those who are non-citizens of the United Sates. The first bill is to protect individuals from being discriminated due to their religion, also known as the No Ban Act. Meaning, if a person was being banned from entry into the US, the government would require specific evidence as to why this ban was necessary against this individual.

New Asylum Proposals

The asylum system has always been an ongoing issue but in recent years has been an issue that many have tried to resolve. People who come the United States seeking asylum want safety and place they can call home; the last thing they want is to feel insecure and unsafe in a country where they arrived.

The First 100 Days with Biden

When Biden came into office it was a great relief for many immigrants who were detained at the borders. When ICE finally began releasing individuals, it made a commitment to only focus on keeping those who had a criminal record and who were a possible threat to the United States.

Tackling Immigration

Beginning Biden’s office takeover, he has spoken about tackling the root of the reasoning behind why many immigrants migrate to the United States illegally. He has spoken about possible finding a solution or a reform in which could benefit those who are in the states undocumented while also keeping the United States safe for all.