TPS Extension

In recent news, it was announced that TPS has now been extended for 9 more months. This is fundamental for the six countries that qualify for this protection program.

TPS allows immigrants to work and stay protected in the United States; this is due to “the country facing an ongoing armed conflict, environmental disaster, or other extraordinary and temporary conditions that would make returning life-threatening”.

According to Immigration Impact, this decision to extend the program gives TPS holders a breath of fresh air, however, they are still stuck in a
limbo, because this program only protects them temporarily and does not give them a permanent solution.


In recent news, according to Immigration Impact, individuals now have the right to request for their immigration files no matter the circumstance. “The blame shifting must end. Immigrants have been the victim of an information imbalance for far too long.

New Laws

Since Biden was elected president many have questions and wonder how the immigration system will change. While Trump was in office, he made sure to make it harder for immigrants to immigrate to the US and made near impossible for individuals to seek help in the United States.

DACA Recipients

Recently, DACA was reinstated and once again individuals are eligible to apply for initial deferred action. The attempts to finish with DACA from the Trump Administration were annulled by a judge.

DACA is important to individuals because it gives them a chance to receive a work permit and protects them from deportation.


Feeling like you fit in or the feeling of belonging is something that many immigrants do not feel when initially migrating to the US. According to Immigration Impact, “This is the central message of a new public service campaign launched by the Ad Council this week, Belonging Begins With Us. The ads and campaign website prompt people across America to think about our need to belong and how it feels when you don’t”. This challenges and makes individual’s reconsider who we are making feel included and who we exclude.