Feeling like you fit in or the feeling of belonging is something that many immigrants do not feel when initially migrating to the US. According to Immigration Impact, “This is the central message of a new public service campaign launched by the Ad Council this week, Belonging Begins With Us. The ads and campaign website prompt people across America to think about our need to belong and how it feels when you don’t”. This challenges and makes individual’s reconsider who we are making feel included and who we exclude. Many time people forget that it is not easy to adapt into a country where the language is different and customs are different.

It is important we don’t forget to show empathy and sympathy and be as understanding as possible with individuals who are new to this country. Many times we forget these individuals might be undergoing harassment due to their immigration status and exclusion from the society.

Lets not forget everyone needs a helping hand and feeling accepted is important for our communities and most importantly our country.

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