Year of Distress

This year we may all say has been filled with many struggles and controversy. First came the Covid19 pandemic that began in March early this year and then elections in November. Though this years holidays may be different we should still take the time to listen to our loved ones about their opinions on the changes our country is undergoing.

According to a recent article posted by Immigration Impact, “Our bubbles were fortified this year—we continued to self-select the media we consume, surround ourselves with friends and colleagues with whom we agree, and “defriend” those with different views. For many of us, our policy views have come to define us.  And when someone disagrees with us on policy, it can feel like a personal attack”. We should not divide ourselves simply because we have different opinions on the changes of our country. We should instead take this time to talk about all the new changes and have a more positive outlook on what we are currently facing. The entire country is hoping to go back to normal soon. Instead of focusing on so much negative we should focus on the positive things that are to come.

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