Discrimination at the border

It is known to many that immigrants face discrimination at the border, but recently in a lawsuit, Al otro Lado  et. al., v. Wolf, plaintiffs argue that the Trump Administration has made this turn back policy to drive away individuals from seeking asylum. This is an issue that has been occurring for quite some time now and has been affecting the lives of many but mostly for individuals from Haiti.

According to a recent article published by Immigration Impact, “Haitians detained under the new plan took their cases to court. A federal court found that “more Haitians are being detained and for longer periods of time than non-Haitians.” The court also found that non-Haitians had a better chance of being released at the border with a date to check-in with immigration authorities than Haitians.” It is important we address and recognize there is racial inequality at the border and it is an issue that needs to be fixed. We cannot allow our country to deny entry to those who are desperate to escape a country where they are in danger and no longer safe. We cannot ignore these issues especially since policies in the immigration system are continuously changing.

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