Citizenship Test

Individuals who become US citizens face a stressful period when preparing for the test. It is very important they study in order for them to pass to become a citizen. According to a recent article published by Immigration Impact, “Lawful permanent residents seeking to become U.S. citizens will now be required to take a more difficult and longer citizenship test. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced the change on November 13.” As oppose to having 100 questions on the test their will be 128. This puts a lot of pressure on those who are awaiting their interview; individuals are already facing stress and worry and to add on more questions to a test may cause an issue.

With the test becoming more challenging, many immigrants will be prevented from becoming citizens quicker and faster and will also cause a major delay in the process. Everyone is hoping that our new president will stop this from happening and will change the policy and allow keeping the test as is. The Trump Administration has done far too much damage to the immigration system; we do not need another obstacle added.

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