Backlogs with USCIS

The immigration system has had many issues but since president Biden came into office he has tried to reverse many of the policies that were implemented by Trump administration. Though he has been able to reverse some already USCIS remains highly backlogged with many cases.

Immigration with Biden

The pandemic has affected many people around the world in the immigration area. Many bans were set by the Trump administration since the pandemic began, but now with Biden things don’t seem to look up for the better. With all the bans from people entering the country has noticed a rise with deportation.

Biden’s Progress Reversed

Once Biden took over office, everyone thought things would look up. Border apprehension began to rise over the summer even after endless promises from the Biden Administration. Though Biden did make immigration changes, like reverse polices and restore a better asylum there continues to be many cracks in the system that are affecting several immigrants and families.