Turkey and Qatar Receiving New USCIS Offices

USCIS is starting to take major steps towards addressing the global refugee crisis by announcing two new field offices. These offices will be opening in Ankara, Turkey and Doha, Qatar. These offices will serve the goal of USCIS’s mission of allowing lawful, safe, and orderly migration by streamlining the way they process refugee applications.

Refugee admissions ceiling being set at 125,000 people for the year, allows the opening of these centers to bolster the capacity of USCIS in handing more refugee applications but also efficiently. By expanding their presence in regions where there are significant refugee populations, USCIS hopes to be able to provide timely assistance to those in need.

These new offices mark the newest addition of almost a dozen new sites internationally. This expansion shows the commitment of the United States to uphold the values it holds dear and allow people in need to have a safe country they can live and prosper in.

During this time of unprecedented global displacement, an initiative like opening these two new field offices can serve as a beacon of hope, offering genuine support to vulnerable people and continuing to show the world the commitment United States has in upholding its legacy as the “Land of The Free”.

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