Trumps Unsuccessful Immigration halt

It has been said that now that Biden has won the elections, he will move to restore the Obama era that protects undocumented individuals from being deported if they were brought here as young children. Biden also plans to remove the travel bans that have gone into effect in recent months due to the pandemic.


In recent news, those who are TPS holder, Temporary Protected Status, have been allowed to apply for green cards. TPS, never gave an individual any legal status in the United States, it simply permitted them to work and stay here in the states due to a natural disaster or armed conflict in their home country.

Cubans and Deportation

As covid-19 continues to affect the immigration system many Cubans continue to remain detained in ICE detention centers. Though many already have orders of removal, they continue to remain detained, which increases the risks of contracting covid. According to Immigration Impact, “This situation occurs because ICE refuses to release many immigrants, even when their countries of origin will not accept deportations”. Our immigration system needs to change; it is not safe for the individuals working there and individuals who are detained.

Ice targets cities with massive force

With the elections occurring, many undocumented immigrants have become the target raids. In recent news, ICE has targeted sanctuary’s where many immigrants seek for help. These individuals are fine up to $500,000. “Undocumented immigrants in the United States request refuge (or “sanctuary”) in churches or other houses of worship to avoid deportation.

Public Charge

The public charge rule sent many individuals into a panic when it was announced the rule would go into effect in February. Many had to unroll from healthcare and many children lost medical coverage because immigrants feared this could possibly cost them from being able to apply for their green cards in the future.

Covid-19 and Immigrants

The immigration system has faced many struggles but not as many as it has been facing recently due to the pandemic. ICE has continued to mistreat immigrants while in custody and fail to give them the proper care when they are sick. According to a recent article published by Immigration Impact, “As of October 22, ICE confirmed a total of 6,743 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed across 99 facilities since the pandemic began in March.

ProBono Work

Individuals who are facing an immigration case many times look for attorneys who offer help for free. It is common for many of these attorney’s to either turn them down or simply are unable to do any work due to the overwhelming amount of work they have on their hands.

Naturalization Fees

USCIS was set to increase its fees after October 2nd. Fees would be put out of the reach of many individuals because many who apply for citizenship live below poverty. According to an article published by Immigration Impact, “if people cannot afford to naturalize as U.S. citizens, they never will earn one of the key privileges of citizenship: the right to vote”.

Not having that privilege to vote is essential.

Ice moves quicker to detain immigrants without court hearings

In recent news the Trump administration has made it so immigrants are deported faster; the new rule allows agents from ICE to expedite deportations without taking into consideration their story.

According to an article posted by CBS news, “Before the enactment of the new policy, which had been held up in federal court until last month, immigration authorities were only allowed to use expedited removal on immigrants apprehended within 100 miles from an international border who failed to demonstrate they legally entered the country and had been in the U.S. for at least two weeks”. Now even those who are able to show legal entry are still at risk of getting deported.

Immigration and languages

Immigration detention centers have very limited staff and do not offer all language translations to the individuals who are being detained. According to an article published by Immigration Impact, “Many people detained by immigration enforcement do not speak English or Spanish.