Immigration Halt

The trump administration is looking for ways to halt the immigration and even to prevent legal immigration from happening. This issue has been going on since Trump came into office and sadly many of his propositions have gone into effect. The States is going through a difficult time right now with Covid-19 and Trump only makes things worse and harder for individuals who are seeking for a better life to make that happen. He has made it near impossible for any immigrant living in the US to adjust status or to the slightest even think about adjusting status.

According to a CNBC news video, the Trump Administration is definitely looking for ways to end all and any immigrants from being in the US. Doing so discourages them from obtaining any sort of adjustment and are obligated to go back to their country. Trump makes it seem as if though immigrants are taking over jobs and taking those opportunities away from citizens. However, he does not realize that the United States is made up of immigrants and we need them here. Let hope these immigration halts come to end soon.

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