Corona Virus impacts Immigration

Covid-19 has caused a lot of stain on many individuals and especially on immigrants attempting to make it over to the US. According to Fox News, “More than 88,000 immigrants trying to enter the U.S. illegally have been turned back since a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) emergency health order in response to the corona virus that allows for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers to be quickly removed from the U.S".

Trump has ordered that even those who are seeking asylum from their countries be turned back. From the numbers that Fox news have provided, 88,000, it seems as though Trump has successfully prevented them from coming in. Trump has previously spoken out about this issue and he has stated he is doing it for the safety of Americans and to prevent Covid-19 from further spreading. However, Covid-19 has sadly continued to spread even though immigration has been halted.

Government needs to take into consideration all circumstances in which many immigrants decide to enter the country illegally. Let us hope the immigration system will get back on track and stop all halts.

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