Illegal Immigrants Do Not Count

In a recent article posted by the The Hill, stated that the Trump Administration addressed they would implement a new regulation during the next census that would exclude all illegal immigrants. This is inhumane and it is something that will cause a major issue in the country. It seems like the US is trying to cause a war between citizens and those who are non-citizens of the US. The world is already facing a hardship; we do not need to add more hate into our world by not counting those who live here undocumented.

The only difference between undocumented individuals and citizens is not having a social security or a birth certificate that says born in the United States. It is very sad to see what our country has come too in the last few years. The immigration system has really failed our society, we are known as the melting pot, if we stop counting even those who live here “illegally” it would make the States look like an inhumane country.

It is unjust and hopefully this rule is not passed through and does not occur in our future census. No person or individual shall be excluded from this country.

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