Immigrant Children under Custody

When we think about children being in custody, imprisoned because they are looking to come to the US for a better life, we think how unjust it is. A child should not have to undergo what an adult does while being detained for trying to cross the border.

In these immigration facilities, the ages range from 1-17 years of age. It is upsetting to think children, especially during these hard covid times have to face these obstacles while being detained. According to a CNN news publication “The bottom line for me is that kids are detained indefinitely and they have no way out unless ICE agrees to do it or families agree to be separated”. It is very unfortunate that the US has not made a change in the immigration system. Children should not subject to danger and should not have to face what adults face in the system. Perhaps the government should consider releasing children now due to the pandemic because there are major health issues that children can face in these detain facilities.

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