The Issue with Asylum and COVID19

In the past few years, the Trump Administrations has made a number of changes to the immigration system. He has put a halt on immigration and practically banned everyone and anyone who is wanting to enter the country. So what has happened to those who are seeking asylum, running away from danger in their country? Well, looks like Trump has now issued a new rule in order to stop asylum seekers from entering the US.

In an article published by Immigration Impact, Trump labeled asylees as a “National Security Threat”. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means, that any person who comes to United States seeking for asylum will not be eligible if that person passed countries where COVID-19 is present; this supposedly will help prevent the spread of the illness, however to many this just seems like a tactic to keep these individuals away.

In recent months, trump has made it already near impossible for people seeking asylum to get granted and now this new rule could really impact those who are in life threating situation. According to the article, CAT (Convention Against Tortue) will require from asylum seekers to provide more proof and will need to meet much higher standards in their initial interview screening. What is even worse, is that even if the individual meets these requirements the immigration officials are able to still deport the asylees to a third country without allowing them a hearing.

This new rule Trump is implanting is yet another excuse to prevent immigration from occurring. The government has already effectively shut down borders and now this can really cause a major impact from those fleeing from harm in search of protection.

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