The Trump administration has finally ruled that new recipients for DACA will not be accepted. This puts many teens and young adults in a vulnerable situation because they are blocked from protection. As mentioned in previous articles, many of these immigrant children migrate to the United States a young age, therefore, should have the same rights as an American. According to an article posted by CBS News, “Like those with DACA protections, these immigrant teens and young adults have attended U.S. schools, come of age in American communities and established strong social, cultural and economic ties here. Yet for different reasons, most will likely remain in immigration limbo until at least inauguration day in January 2021”. It is apparent we must wait until Trump is out of office in order to determine whether these young individuals will be able to apply for DACA.

The government needs to realize many children depend on DACA and are under the impression the United States will protect them. For now, those who are here undocumented and unable to apply for DACA, will live in fear that any day they could possibly be deported.

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