Immigration Calls

Has anyone ever thought about why many families have been separated and are unable to reunite when they are initially detained by ICE. Well perhaps it is due to the fact that individuals who are detained are not allowed to have any calls or communication with the outside world. According to an article published by Immigration Impact, “Having the ability to make a phone call in a detention center is essential for a variety of reasons. Individuals need to secure legal representation or advice, gather evidence to support their defenses against deportation, and receive needed emotional support from family and friends”.

Being allowed to call family members or friends is essential especially when they are detained because they can immediately inform someone of there whereabouts and reach out for the proper help. Despite ICE knowing how essential these calls may be, they have failed to provide this accessibility to individuals for many years.

It is especially import during this Covid-19 pandemic that individuals have access to phone calls given in person visits are not allowed. Accessibility to calls should be a right all individuals in ICE custody should have. The government should consider funding for its detention centers to provide better accessibility to calls.

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