Immigration on Netflix

Recently, Netflix has released a docuseries that shows an insight into the world of immigration. This docuseries allows its viewers to take a look at what it looks like and what families face when ICE separates families. It shows the approach that ICE takes when they are removing families from the United States and how this process affects many families and children.

Shortly before the shows release was going to occur, ICE decided they did not want to allow the release of the footage; it became a big problem that the Trump administration even threatened the film producers of the series. What scared ICE the most was the fact that the series would show how unregulated the immigration system is. “The series covers the Trump administration’s 2018 family separation policy that was carried out by U.S. Customs and Border Protection—an agency with a long and documented history of impunity. From detention, a father named Josue recounts when U.S. Customs and Border Protection dragged his screaming 3-year-old son away from him”. This show really brings to light what happens and occurs when families are separated. Many children are at a great risk of suffering mental health issues and physical conditions when they watch their parents being dragged away to jail.

The purpose of the docuseries is to show the entire world the policy that Trump has implemented has separated many children from their parents and siblings; and how it affects the child’s life and those of the parents It is a raw look into the real world of immigration.

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