Building the Wall

Since Trump came into office, he has loudly spoken about building a wall to prevent more immigrants from entering the United States. However, since coming to office he has raised a total of $250,000 from Americans who have donated to the “We Build the Wall” campaign. However in 2019, there was a wall that was built in the New Mexico area but was soon a controversy because it was allegedly built without the proper permits.

Trump promised Americans to build a wall that would not cost the American taxpayer a single. penny He initially proposed that Mexico pay for this wall. But when Mexico did not agree to do so, he imposed that any and all person entering the Unites States by car must pay a “toll”. Yet Trump has been nothing but unsuccessful building the wall that he has promised many Americans.

Building a wall will take much time, effort and good amount of funded money, for this reason he has been unsuccessful. Though he has tried several times to fund for the wall, it will take more than just $250,000 to build such a massive wall. According to a recent article publish by Immigration Impact, “Five years after announcing his commitment to build the wall, Trump has yet to fulfill that promise. The latest episode with Bannon underscores the lengths the president and his associates will go to maintain the illusion of that promise”. We have yet to await this commitment has promised Americans about building the infamous wall. Before we know it, Trump will be out of office and no longer will this wall be the topic to talk about.

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