In a recent article published by Immigration Impact, birthright citizenship was talked about and it was apparently an issue president Trump touched back in 2011. At that time Kamala Harris was running for vice president and apparently she was ineligible because she was not a “natural born citizen”. However the fourteenth amendment states to give birthright citizenship to people born or naturalized in the United States. Which meant that individuals were able to become citizenships regardless of their parent’s immigration status.

The attempts to prevent citizenship from individuals with immigrant parents has been an issue that goes back centuries. This was something that the government was not going to be able to stop. Children born to immigrant parents in the United States have the same rights as a child born to American citizen parents.

Trump has tried many times to stop children of immigrant parents from obtaining their natural citizenship. “The Trump administration threatened to abolish birthright citizenship by executive order in 2018. The president claimed he would end birthright citizenship by executive order to prevent the children of undocumented immigrants from becoming U.S. citizens. The executive order, however, was never issued”. It has been attempt that president Trump has tried to go into effect. Luckily, he has unsuccessfully done so. It will be a long time before this regulation occurs; many immigrants come to the US and have children, Trump cannot stop that from occurring nor can they prevent their rights.

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