Ice Custody and Covid19

Many question how many deaths have occurred in the hands of detention centers during these tough times. According to an article posted by Immigration Impact, “Martin Vargas Arellano was released to a hospital on March 5. ICE did not notify his family or attorney. Three days later, he died alone from complications of COVID-19. His death leads to questions about how many other people have died soon after release from immigration detention”. Nine deaths have been reported to happen while individuals are in detention centers. This case almost seemed negligent and apparent that the government almost found the need to “conceal” the critical condition in which the individual was in. This issue has brought a lot of speculation and makes many individuals wonder why family members are not informed about the health conditions in which the individual is.

Covid has made detention centers especially dangerous during these times. It is very important family members of individuals who are detained are being informed of their condition. With Biden now in the administration it is hopeful that the conditions in these centers are improved for the safety of the immigrant and of the officer.

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