The First 100 Days with Biden

When Biden came into office it was a great relief for many immigrants who were detained at the borders. When ICE finally began releasing individuals, it made a commitment to only focus on keeping those who had a criminal record and who were a possible threat to the United States. Though many were released, thousands of innocent people remained detained, which causes great concern. The conditions in detention centers are inhumane and dangerous.

According to a recent article posted by Immigration Impact, “Immigration detention is traumatic, dangerous, and dehumanizing. It should be replaced with humane, community-based programs for those who need them and universal legal representation”. Every person who is detained should have the opportunity to tell his or her story and find help in the United States. With Biden now in office, we are hopeful these individuals get the freedom they deserve or at least go into a place where they feel safe and comfortable as oppose to going to a detention center which could be potentially traumatizing.

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