New Coordinator’s at the border

Recently, the US Mexico border has encountered several migrant children arriving unaccompanied at the border. Just last month in March 19,000 children were arrived at the border alone. This issue has raised a lot of concern and CBP wants to bring new staff to help these children feel welcomed.

According to a recent article posted by Immigration Impact, “These new Border Patrol processing coordinators have been hired to take on the many tasks that have overwhelmed field agents, such as providing the children with hot meals and assuring they have access to mattresses. The purpose of the civilian Border Patrol group is twofold: help ease the workload on agents and bring a much-needed humanitarian approach to the care of unaccompanied children”. Many children who arrive to the border alone are usually frightened, confused, hungry and in the need of shelter. These officers will be trained to do just that, help children feel confortable during these tough times.

By law, children are only allowed to remain in detention centers for no more than 72 hours, but at times they spend days even weeks. It is concerning to many because the conditions in detention centers are known to bad and not up to code. Children are vulnerable and we know CBP officers are not trained to interact with children. It is important officer’s are trained specifically to interact with these unaccompanied migrant children because realistically, no child should ever be detained, let alone be kept in a detention center that is meant for an adult.

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