Arizona Ice Detention Center Violation

Detention centers are very well known to have terrible conditions in which immigrants are being kept. But recently it was revealed that one detention center in particular has failed to properly follow the Covid-19 protocols. The detention center in Arizona has failed to implement social distancing measures and provide facemasks to staff and to the immigrants in custody. This has made the exposure of Covid-19 worse.

According to an article published by Immigration Impact, “these violations “threatened the health, safety, and rights of” detained individuals. The report was based on a remote inspection of the facility sometime between August and November 2020. OIG found that LPCC had failed to comply with ICE policy related to COVID-19, medical care, and solitary confinement”. Many question why detention centers fail to release those who are in need of serious medical health and those who simply do not need to remain in a detention center for a long time. It is important ICE changes this because the lives of immigrants and staff are at risk of because of the heightened risk of covid-19 they are constantly in.

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