New Asylum Proposals

The asylum system has always been an ongoing issue but in recent years has been an issue that many have tried to resolve. People who come the United States seeking asylum want safety and place they can call home; the last thing they want is to feel insecure and unsafe in a country where they arrived.

The government wants to change the way in which asylum is handled and wants to create a safer environment for those who arrive to the United States. According to an article posted by Immigration Impact, “This bipartisan bill includes some needed expansion of access to legal counsel while in CBP custody and seeks to improve the processing of asylum claims at our border. But it’s important that efficiency not be sought at the expense of a migrant’s right to due process and full, meaningful access to our asylum system”. The government wants to make sure that all who arrive get a proper hearing and are allowed to tell their stories before being sent back to the country they are fleeing.

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