The Decade Ends with Another Death in Immigration Detention

It has always been a controversy when it comes to the conditions in which immigrant detainees are being held in and the lack of medical attention they receive. In a recent article by Immigration Impact, indicates the deaths that have occurred in detention centers at the end of 2019.

According to them, 2019 was the fiscal year of the most fatalities for immigrants held in custody; eight people died while in ICE custody while many children died in CBP custody.

US immigration officials bar doctors from giving flu shots to detained kids

In a recent article published by The Guardian, explains U.S immigration authorities prevented doctors from vaccinating migrant children who were detained. This, however, is an issue that causes the death of immigrant individuals who are behind bars.

Under no circumstances should the government allow this to happen, though these individuals are being held in custody it does not give the U.S the right to refuse proper health care to them an especially to children.

Immigration Impact

In a recent article by Immigration Impact, it said that though the government was not properly prepared to track the separations of migrant families they still went ahead with making these separations happen.

This idea first came to light when the Trump Administration said they would implement the Zero Tolerance Policy for any immigrant individual that would cross the border illegally, these individuals would then be prosecuted and charged with unlawful entry to the United states.