The Impact on USCIS from Covid-19

Recently, we have noticed many changes and many delays in our everyday lives due to the pandemic Covid-19. But exactly how much has this pandemic affected people with immigration cases. In March 2020, United States announced the shelter in place order for everyone which meant many stores, restaurants including immigration services would be closed in which created a major delay in many individuals’ cases.

The Issue with Asylum and COVID19

In the past few years, the Trump Administrations has made a number of changes to the immigration system. He has put a halt on immigration and practically banned everyone and anyone who is wanting to enter the country. So what has happened to those who are seeking asylum, running away from danger in their country? Well, looks like Trump has now issued a new rule in order to stop asylum seekers from entering the US.

In an article published by Immigration Impact, Trump labeled asylees as a “National Security Threat”. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

ICE Is Now Fingerprinting Immigrants As Young As 14 Years Old

There is now a new immigrations and customs enforcement order that will allow agents to fingerprint children as young as fourteen years old. According to ICE, this is being done for the safety of the children because many are unaccompanied. According to the article published by BuzzFeed News, this is being done so that children are not misidentified, are not victims of human trafficking and smugglers.

The Decade Ends with Another Death in Immigration Detention

It has always been a controversy when it comes to the conditions in which immigrant detainees are being held in and the lack of medical attention they receive. In a recent article by Immigration Impact, indicates the deaths that have occurred in detention centers at the end of 2019.

According to them, 2019 was the fiscal year of the most fatalities for immigrants held in custody; eight people died while in ICE custody while many children died in CBP custody.