Trumps Attempt to keep refugees out

Trump is close to finishing his time at the White House, but it is certain he wants to make one last impact on the country. Trump has previously tried several times to keep refugees out of the country and not allow asylees to seek help in the United States. Though that attempt has not been successful he has successfully managed to make changes in the asylum system.

Recently, Trump tried yet again to put a stop on allowing refugees into the US. According to an article by immigration Impact, “The recent ruling and a previous injunction on the order affirms the importance of refugee resettlement in the United States. 42 Democratic and Republican governors had already rejected the order, reiterating their commitment to hosting refugees. Over 100 local elected officials around the country had done the same”.

It is clear that the country is still on board when it comes to helping those seeking help in the United States. Trump may not realize, but many who seek asylum are people who are living in bad conditions in their home countries, many face discrimination, persecution due to gender, political views etc. It is good to know this was ruled over as an illegal act that President Trump is attempting to enact. Thankfully, this was put to a halt and asylees and refuges are still being supported by the United States.

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