Trump Demonizing Immigrants

For the last five years that President Trump was in office, his continuous attacks on migrants was a major issue because he made it clear that foreign countries like Mexico were sending rapists and bringing nothing but crime to the United States.

According to Immigration Impact, “Trump’s immigration legacy and his efforts to incite violence to subvert a lawful election stem from a pathological refusal to accept the humanity of those that disagree with him. He willingly manipulates and undermines the law to win”. Trump does not like when there are disagreements when it comes to laws he wants to imply; for this reason, he resorts to continue attacking the same issue until it is made until a big deal. It is very unsettling to know we had a president who did nothing for five years besides attack, dehumanize and demonize individuals who simply come to the country to better their lives and the lives of their families.

Trumps approach to stop all immigration was not the best, instead of attacking the immigration system and creating a wrongful image of these individuals he could’ve attempted a more peaceful approach. Yet, all he created were riots and hate amongst individuals.

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