2nd Stimulus

President Trump issued a stimulus check months ago to help families who were affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The stimulus was suppose to help financially for a few months. Recently, it was announced that perhaps a second round of stimulus checks might be issued once again, but this time also those who are undocumented.

The first time the checks were issued, undocumented individuals were excluded and citizens who were married to undocumented spouses were also ineligible to get stimulus checks. This is particularly upsetting because many undocumented migrant workers are vulnerable to Covid-19. According to an article by Vox, “That carries public health consequences. Undocumented immigrant workers are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 due to inadequate access to health care. Noncitizens are significantly more likely to be uninsured compared to US citizens, which may dissuade them from seeking medical care if they contract the virus”. This stimulus check could be vital for many families; it would be a good thing if individuals were able to get this extra help financially.

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