Biden Stops Deportation

Biden wasted no time as soon as he stepped foot into office. He made two major decisions right away, number one to pause deportations for certain noncitizens in the United States and also halted the “the remain in Mexico” program. This program was making asylum seekers remain in Mexico until they had a hearing, but Biden administration has ended that. According to an article published by NPR, “The program has led to roughly 60,000 migrants getting sent back across the border since MPP was first implemented in January 2019. Tens of thousands of people are still stuck in Mexico, awaiting their court hearings, and living in unsanitary and potentially dangerous situations. The policy has placed enormous strain on Mexico, even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic”. This policy was a major league issue that was putting a lot of stress on the Mexican government and to top it off, asylees were living in unthinkable conditions.

Immigration is a sensitive topic to speak about and what the country is hoping from the new administration is that we find policies that are fair for individuals. The immigration system has changed drastically for the last four years and thankfully we have gotten a new administration that will seek for fair policies that will not cause destruction to our country and benefit both the immigrant and our country.

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