The Work and Family Mobility Act will help Thousands of Immigrants Seek Their Driver’s License

Effective on July 1st, In Massachusetts, eligible residents can apply for their learner's permit and road test regardless of their immigration status so they can have their driver's license.

It is a criminal offense to drive without a valid license in Massachusetts, and the consequences can be getting your car towed, facing fines, and sometimes even going to jail. For many immigrants in Massachusetts, acquiring a license is impossible because of their status. Many depend on driving to get to places such as their jobs and school and live in fear every time they have to drive somewhere, worried they’ll have to face the consequences.

The Work and Mobility Act is a new law that'll be implemented that removes the requirement where
customers have to show proof of lawful presence for a Standard driver's license. All applicants are required to prove their identity, social security status, date of birth, and Massachusetts residency to obtain their license now.

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