Eric Adams sues 30 counties of New York to Help Migrants

This Month, After it was announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) gifted
New York with $104.6M to help support asylum seekers, it was suspected that the mayor of New York, Eric
Adams, will be looking to house those migrants in houses of worship and other sanctuaries. This week it was
reported that the NYC Mayor has sued over half of New York counties in order to obligate them to help these
migrants. He has so far filed lawsuits for 30 out of the 57 counties in New York.
Adams has sued so he can go on with his plan and provide housing to these migrants now that some
counties have obtained temporary restraining orders to stop the city from sheltering migrants in their towns.
There's been rumors of Adams helping ship willing migrants from Florida to New York communities now that
the new Florida laws go into effect next month. He’ll be helping to provide single adult men who are asylum
seekers with up to 4 months of temporary shelter and start sending 300 migrants to hotels for housing as well.

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