Democrats Introduce the Protect Vulnerable Immigrant Youth Act

On June 22, a group of democrats introduced a bill that'll help immigrant children who have been neglected by one or both of their parents receive lawful permanent residence.

Due to the backlog, it has taken many long years for children under Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) to receive their green cards, which has made these children vulnerable to struggles such as homelessness, deportation, exploitation, and other obstacles that can make it hard for them to go on with their lives.

Representatives Adriano Espaillat, Zoe Lofgren, and Jimmy Gomez reintroduced a bill called “Protect Vulnerable Immigrant Youth Act” that is supposed to fix the backlog issue and help children not be exposed to these dangers they face. The Protect Vulnerable Immigrant Youth Act, will guarantee that SIJS youth will be protected from deportation and create a pathway for them to receive lawful permanent status in the United States

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