The Outcries to Help Our Next Great Generation Have Been Heard!

Excellent news this week as the democratic party pushes to “streamline” the current processing windows for pending green card applications for at-risk youth. This bill is being headlined by three democratic representatives Jimmy Gomez, Zoe Lofgren and Adriano Espaillat. Jimmy Gomez come from an immigrant family himself and seem to be the one leading the charge stating “As a new father and the son of immigrants, I refuse to sit idly by as immigrant children and teens who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected are left vulnerable to homelessness, wage theft, trafficking, and deportation because of an administrative backlog.”

Our firm sees these issues issues on a daily basis with Special Immigrant juvenile cases being given less attention than they deserve. As a country it is our responsibility to protect, support, and push the next generation towards success. Many of these individuals are coming from immigrant families, where in their home country they have been abused, abandoned, neglected, and far worse than I would like to detail. For California representatives, this is no longer acceptable.

The backlog of these processing times and delay in cases has only been within recent years. Major successes for SIJ cases were happening in the year 2016, as you may see, not so long ago. The representatives you see above, led by Jimmy Gomez, are pushing for those same numbers we were able to produce in previous years. While we wait to see the results of the proposed bill, it's encouraging to witness the focus become shifted towards our youth. After all, they are our biggest hope for success.

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