The Construction of the Wall

Trump administration made it known that building the wall between Mexico and United States would enforce safety measures. Yet, the government disregarded the fact that building this wall would cost a fortune and cause negative consequences along the border region. In an article posted by American Immigration Council, writes, “The reality is that the construction of a border wall is not a meaningful replacement for more effective, cost-conscious enforcement measures”. The border along the US and Mexico was already big enough to prevent contraband and smuggling of people into the country; therefore building a wall was not a necessity. Congress too acknowledged the fact that making the wall larger would not be necessary since there were many effective measures to prevent entering the country illegally.

Not only would the wall be costly, but also it could potentially harm individuals, the wildlife and the environment. When more barriers are created, individuals tend to take more dangerous routes to attempt to cross; creating dangerous scenarios that lead to the death of the individual. More barriers also means smaller spaces for endangered species pushing these animals to come closer to people, too creating a danger to indiviuals. Lastly, a wall could obstruct the flow of the lands natural habitat creating an issue to the environment. These are the effects that the wall has caused, but thanks to new administration have been put to a halt. The continuance of building this wall no only will cost an American taxpayer millions of dollars but also destroy our environment and can lead to death.

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