Safe Third Country Agreements

Biden administration has announced they would suspend the ACA programs. This was also known as the safe third country, which meant people who were seeking asylum at the US border could be sent to another country (that was not the United States) to ask for aid. US officials were able to fly the individual to another country and demand they seek asylum in that country instead. In an article posted by Immigration Impact, “For those subject to an ACA, there was no requirement that a person have even passed through the third country before being sent there. A Mexican national who was born within sight of the U.S. border could be flown thousands of miles away to Honduras and made to apply there”. This was ridiculous and the Biden administration has recognized that the anti asylum policies Trump administration set were not made with the best intentions were not intended to help those seeking help.

Fortunately, Biden has made moves to halt this and the United States can once again focus on making our country better and establishing better policies for our country.

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