Biden Revokes Rules Implemented by Trump

H1B holders were in a predicament when president Trump targeted them. H1B workers consist of individuals who have obtained their bachelors (or higher) degree in a specific specialty. Trump; put a halt on H1B workers and made it near impossible for them to come to the United States to seek work. However, because Trumps non-immigrant visa ban is still in effect until March 2021 of this year, there is still uncertainty on whether Biden will be able to revoke this and allow H1B workers back into the country.

H1B workers are classified under four different categories. In an article posted by Immigration Impact, “Level 1 is “entry level;” Level 2 “qualified;” Level 3 “experienced;” and Level 4 “fully competent.” The result could have substantially reduced the number of recent foreign graduates who could work in the United States, as USCIS expects no Level 1 and likely only 75% of Level 2 wage registrations to be selected with the new system”. Though it remains unclear whether Biden will revoke or suspend this ban after it comes to full term in March, the administration has pointed out that the United States benefits from both American and foreign workers. Yet, they also want to protect those who are already working in the US and also welcome foreigners.

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