N400 Testing

Courts overruled Trump’s attempt to make the citizenship test hard for those who were becoming U.S citizens. According to an article posted by Immigration Impact, “The Trump-era version added 28 new questions that immigration advocates and attorneys criticized for being overly complicated and confusing, especially for people who do not speak English as their first language. It was seen as another attempt by the former administration to keep immigrants from obtaining U.S. citizenship”. This was put to an end rather quickly; the Trump administration wanted to apply these new questions to those who applied for citizenship after December 1 2020, but now it has been replaced once again with the 2008 version of the test.

This has come to great relief to many individuals who applied and will apply for citizenship. It is already a very overwhelming and stressful process. Adding on difficult questions would only complicate the situation, many individuals are for the most part scared and nervous, making the test harder was not going to be helpful. The Biden administration to go back to the old test version is a major step into what we could expect in the future to be done to the immigration system.

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