Immigration Collects DNA

It is unclear why DHS has found it insufficient for them to simply collect fingerprints and general background check to immigrants who are detained. According to a recent article posted by Immigration Impact, “Proponents of the program argue it can help investigate crimes and reveal the immigration history of people who misrepresent their identity at the border. But the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has acknowledged that it won’t be able to process the DNA fast enough for it to be useful in ongoing criminal investigations”. Despite the fact that Biden Administration has mentioned the concern in regards to collecting DNA from immigrants nothing has been done to stop this from happening since Biden came into office. It is a waste of money and it an invasion of privacy to those immigrants who are seeking help at the border.

This is a major threat to our civil liberties that we have as individuals. It is import the government target this issue and do something replenish it.

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