Funding For Immigration

President Briden has recently released his goals and budget proposals, which are a major step for a President who has recently came into office. Typically, this step reflects how a president prepares for a future plan. Part of Biden proposal, enforces to cut the funding for the border wall and encourages more be put towards DHS, ICE and CBP. Though it seems only fair the immigration system get funded more, many are concerned about all the money being given to ICE since many have been released under Biden’s administration.

According to a recent article posted by Immigration Impact, “In ICE’s more detailed budget proposal, the agency indicates that it is asking for enough funding to detain an average of 30,000 people daily. This is down from the overall level of 31,500 beds funded by Congress last year. ICE is currently detaining nowhere near that number of people, which makes the Biden administration’s request particularly troubling even considering the reduction in detention capacity. When Biden took office, detention levels were at the lowest point in decades due to COVID-19 and the Trump administration’s practice of expelling all people seeking asylum at the southern border”.

Many believe that this proposal is not a bad idea , however, have noticed that Biden is only focusing on one immigration area which is the legal immigration system. There is much funding going towards the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, naturalization and asylum. But not much has been said about funding the Visa’s, which has been severely backlogged due to the pandemic.

Hopefully, congress makes the right choice and cuts budgets in areas of immigration that are not fully necessary.

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