Immigration and it’s Controversy

Immigration has always been a topic that many are either pro, con or divided. It’s a topic that for many years has caused controversy; though we know immigration is inevitable and will continue to occur, many believe this is something that should be stopped while others think otherwise. According to an article posted by Immigration Impact., a survey was conducted to examine the main immigration issues, and the findings showed that individuals have different positions based on what other’s people’s opinions are and the core values they see in the issues.

Immigration is a topic in which everyone will stand beside their own opinion. All opinions are not the same; which means there is no wrong or right answer to someone’s perspective on the issue. In the article, they state the only way immigration can become a topic in which people are able to discuss without an argument is to try to understand the reasoning behind their opinions on the topic. Though the topic of immigration will most likely never stop being a controversy, we could make it into a conversation in which everyone’s opinions are seen with a positive attitude.

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