Fees Halt

This entire month since the announcement of USICS increasing its filing fees; many people panicked and many worried on whether they would be able to afford to pay these fees if they were unable to file before the deadline of October 2nd. According to Immigration Impact, “The decision in Immigrant Legal Resources Center v. Wolf granted a motion for a preliminary injunction, which prevents the government from going forward with the new rule while the court makes a final decision on the case”.

Many sighed of relief upon knowing USCIS would halt these fees because it will give people some time to submit applications without having to pay the outrages fees USCIS will increase. We hope the court completely rules out this new regulation; they should take into consideration the economic crises people are facing due to the pandemic.

This comes to show how courts are trying to stop the Trump administration from yet again attacking low-income immigrants from allowing them protection in the United States.

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