Affidavits of support

Bringing family members from foreign countries to the United States is a struggle in itself; recently with a new regulation going into effect, the Trump administration wants to make it even harder for family members to sponsor those who want to come to the States. “The Department of Homeland Security has proposed a rule that would make it much more difficult for U.S. citizens and legal immigrants—especially those experiencing financial hardship—to sponsor family members for green cards”.

Now with this proposed rule the sponsors must also find cosponsors in order to help bring their prospective family members over to the United States if they have used any public benefits. The United States is currently facing a worldwide pandemic that has affected many financially. It is difficult for them not to get some sort of financial help during this time, however, the government still insists for this regulation to go into effect soon. There should be consideration given that the current pandemic is forcing individuals to rely on public benefits.

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