Before USCIS implemented that they would provide interpreters at asylum interviews, the person was in charge of finding their own interpreter. Many times it would be a difficult task because one, the person was unable to afford it or two they would not know where to find one. Many would then resort to bring a family member or friend along to the interview. However, these interviews are important and are essential for the determination of their status in the United States; whether they are protected or deported back to their homeland.

To some this may be helpful, but to some this may be hard as well because this means the person would have to explain their entire life story to an interpreter who is a stranger. It can be hard for them to explain the entire trauma they have endured in their home country.

If this new regulation is passes; it may be a hit or miss. During a phone interpretation there are risks of mistakes or misunderstandings though they are provided by USCIS. But if the person brings their own they could also be at risk of messing up the interview by not translating properly. Perhaps leaving this decision up to the individuals could be the best option that way the person has the decision to choose whether they want the interpreter from USCIS or to bring their own interpreter along.

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